Fallin' For Netta Brielle

Bay Belle: Who is NETTA Brielle? What does she represent?

Netta Brielle: Netta Brielle is a stubborn yet passionate dreamer, believer, and fighter. I represent anyone with a dream. Folks who come from struggle but somehow turn that experience into something special. 

BB: When is your birthday?

NB: Feb 9th

BB: What's the last spontaneous thing you did?

NB: I drove to LA from the Bay, performed, got off stage and immediately drove back to the Bay. I don't know if you would call that "spontaneous" but it was definitely crazy lol

BB: Netflix and Chill?

NB: hmmmm if I had a bae

BB: Describe your personal style. What's your go-to look?

NB: Honestly, my go to look would be a tee, some sweats and a pair of dope kicks. I am a tomboy at heart, but I'll slip into a dress every now and then lol

BB: What is it about the Bay Area that makes you proud to rep the Bay? 

NB: There is something about the spirit of a person from the Bay Area that is just so dope to me. We are fighters; we fight for our individuality, we fight for what is right. We are surrounded by so many cultures, and colors... I just love the Bay Area.

BB: 580! Where did your inspiration for this album come from? 

NB: Being lost & confused. In those moments, I would just get on the freeway (580) and ride. I would think about my God sister who was murdered back in March, I would think about my career, my love life, past relationships etc.

BB: What's something about Netta Brielle you wish everyone knew?

NB: I am a very private person, and because of that I battle with opening up and exposing my vulnerable side.

BB: If you weren't doing music, what career would you have chosen?

NB: I'd probably be a teacher

BB: What's next for Netta Brielle?

NB: To be on stages across the world!

Hear more from Netta Brielle on her new album 580


Ashley & Candase

Photos: Katrina Davis @thebaymodernist 

Makeup: Sabrina Young @b_rae_daul

Hair: Camille Long @customcharacter

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